Therapeutic Ultrasound

Rely on therapeutic ultrasound to relieve pain in Chicago, IL, Evergreen Park, IL, and Munster, IN

Therapeutic ultrasound is a physical therapy modality that uses mechanical energy to create sound waves that help with healing. These high frequency sound waves will cause oscillation of the particles in our tissues resulting in increased blood flow to that area.

Therapeutic ultrasound is used to help manage or relieve pain, treat injuries, and improve the overall healing response. Ultrasound treatments may be beneficial if you are in pain or have recently been injured.

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What conditions benefit from therapeutic ultrasound?

Therapeutic ultrasound is primarily used to promote tissue healing and can be used to treat a wide range of conditions. Our therapists will conduct a thorough evaluation at Maximum Rehabilitation Services in Chicago, IL, Evergreen Park, IL, and Munster, IN to identify the most appropriate treatment strategies, including therapeutic ultrasound, for your specific injury, ailment, or area of pain.

Some of the more common conditions that ultrasound can help treat are as follows:

  • Arthritis (i.e., osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis)
  • Bursitis
  • Soft tissue disorders (i.e., sprains, strains, and tendinopathy)
  • Scar tissue pain and restrictions
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  • Myofascial Pain Syndrome

Ultrasound treatments aid in pain relief and increase blood flow to speed the healing rate and enhance the repair quality. At Maximum Rehabilitation Services, we are skilled at identifying the most appropriate treatment to successfully treat various conditions so you can get back to doing what matters most to you!


How does ultrasound therapy work?

Therapeutic ultrasound is a common treatment modality used in physical therapy. The ultrasound unit converts electricity into high-frequency sound waves that penetrate the tissues in our body.

These sound waves cause an oscillation of the particles in our tissues resulting in a local increase in blood flow. This means the area directly under the ultrasound “sound head” experiences increased circulation, assisting with healing.

Ultrasound treatments can affect muscles, ligaments, and bones through the high-frequency vibrations generating blood flow. When tissues vibrate, friction is created at the molecular level, resulting in more blood flow and, in some cases raising the tissue temperature to deeper tissues.

Our Chicago, IL, Evergreen Park, IL, and Munster, IN physical therapists will apply gel to the ultrasound applicator or directly on your skin to reduce friction and promote sound wave transmission.

Therapeutic ultrasound is an effective adjunct to other treatment techniques in a comprehensive program. Treatments will vary in intensity and duration depending on whether your condition is acute or chronic and the specific goals you and your therapist have established.

What happens in the body when you receive ultrasound therapy?

Therapeutic ultrasound has two primary mechanisms (i.e., thermal and non-thermal) to help heal and repair damaged tissues in the body.

Thermal benefits:

One of the modes used in therapeutic ultrasound is a continuous stream of high-frequency sound waves. This type of ultrasound causes an increase in blood flow and a deep heating effect on the tissues in the body (i.e., muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bone).

This heating effect helps alleviate pain, improves blood circulation, and promotes healing and repair of the tissues. The secondary effects of this thermal energy produced by the therapeutic ultrasound can also aid in the relaxation of tense muscles to make stretching and movement easier.

Non-thermal advantages:

Ultrasound technology can be beneficial in ways other than through the thermal effects. Pulsed ultrasound treatments affect the body through cavitation and acoustic streaming.

Our cells are responsible for various metabolic functions that help heal and keep our tissues healthy. Cavitation relates to the formation of gas-filled voids (aka cavities) that affect the permeability of the cell walls. Cavitation and acoustic streaming alter the control of enzymes in and out of the cells.

The non-thermal effects of ultrasound essentially increase the activity level of the whole cell. This mechanism influences various metabolic processes that can help repair damaged tissue, such as scar tissue or cellulite, and muscle relaxation.

How do I know if an ultrasound is the right treatment for me?

Our highly trained Chicago, IL, Evergreen Park, IL, and Munster, IN physical therapists at Maximum Rehabilitation Services will design a treatment plan specifically for you. This could include ultrasound treatments, depending on the nature of your condition and contributing symptoms.

During your initial appointment, a physical therapist will perform a comprehensive evaluation, including your medical history and physical examination, to aid in identifying all the factors that are affecting your condition and how to treat you effectively.

If you are in pain or have had a recent injury, don’t put it off any longer. Make an appointment with our Chicago, IL, Evergreen Park, IL, and Munster, IN physical therapy office today. Maximum Rehabilitation Services will have you back to full physical function in no time!

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