Speech Therapy

Do you want to improve your communication, cognition, and swallowing abilities?

Consider Chicago, IL, Evergreen Park, IL and Munster, IN speech therapy!

Various diseases, disorders, and even aging can lead to changes in communication (speaking, understanding, reading, and writing), voice, memory, attention, and swallowing. Fortunately, speech therapy can help!

Speech-language pathologists (SLPs), also known as speech therapists, are uniquely trained and qualified to examine and treat individuals of all ages suffering from speech, language, cognitive, and swallowing impairments.

People who receive speech therapy improve their ability to communicate effectively across different situations, and participate in meaningful cognitive tasks at home and in the community.  Speech therapy can also improve chewing and swallowing abilities to preserve the pleasure of eating.

At Maximum Rehabilitation Services in Chicago, IL, Evergreen Park, IL and Munster, IN, we are here to help in any way we can!

When should I consult with a speech therapist?


Many people experience changes in their ability to think, communicate, or swallow as a result of injury, disease, or aging. If you or a loved one have experienced any of the following conditions, you may likely benefit from a speech therapy evaluation from Maximum Rehabilitation Services:

  • Difficulty remembering information, focusing, or staying organized
  • Word-finding changes
  • Difficulty expressing your thoughts in speech or writing
  • Trouble understanding spoken or written language
  • Changes in voice quality or strength
  • Decreased speech clarity/trouble being understood
  • Any new chewing or swallowing difficulties

Speech therapy treats a variety of disorders and conditions, so if you do not see your specific concerns on this list we can likely still help. We use a variety of patient-focused interventions to help you achieve your desired outcomes. 

Our speech therapist is available to assist and guide you through the recovery process. Speech therapy services are available at our locations in Chicago or Evergreen Park, IL or Munster, IN. Call our clinic to schedule an appointment today!

What are the advantages of speech therapy in Chicago, IL, Evergreen Park, IL and Munster, IN?

A speech therapist, also known as a Speech-language pathologist (SLP), helps individuals with communication challenges including talking, understanding speech, reading, and writing. SLPs also work with cognitive changes (memory, attention, safety awareness, organization), chewing and swallowing concerns, changes in voice or speech clarity, and social skills. These changes may occur due to events such as a brain injury, stroke, heart attack, seizure, or brain tumor, or in conjunction with degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

At Maximum Rehabilitation Services in Chicago, IL, Evergreen Park, IL and Munster, IN, our highly trained therapists can assist individuals to improve their communication effectiveness through various techniques and strategies. Cognitive deficits are treated with an individualized plan that addresses specific goals/concerns of the patient and caregivers. Exercises are also utilized to restore muscle performance and function for speech and swallowing.

Speech therapy is used to improve overall quality of life and function within the home, work, or community setting. Our speech therapists use a combination of evidence-based exercises, cognitive or language supports, and caregiver training within each session to improve function. They will work with you to identify your specific concerns, and then provide an individualized plan of care to improve your overall performance.

Maximum Rehabilitation Services can help you today!

The best way to know if a speech therapist in Chicago, IL, Evergreen Park, IL and Munster, IN could help you is to request a comprehensive evaluation at our clinic so that we can assess your abilities and struggles.

Our speech therapists are skilled professionals who will work with you to improve your communication, cognitive, speaking, vocal, and swallowing abilities.

Contact one of our speech therapists at Maximum Rehabilitation Services today for more information on speech therapy!

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