Occupational Therapy

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Are you dealing with a nagging injury or medical condition keeping you from doing your normal daily tasks? Regardless of the condition or injury impeding you, our team of occupational therapists can help! Occupational therapy is an excellent way to recover your function and learn how to make modifications or plan strategies so you can perform daily tasks again.

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What is the difference between physical Therapy and occupational therapy?

Physical and occupational therapies are often part of a rehabilitation team but should not be confused with one another as they serve very different purposes for patients.

Occupational therapy aims to improve your ability to perform specific movements during everyday activities. Occupational therapy focuses more on helping clients regain or improve activities such as getting dressed, bathing, and household responsibilities. For some, it is helping return to work with modifications and/or adaptations.

Occupational therapists also help with physical, psychological, and cognitive processing to help people complete the most important roles in their daily lives, community, and job performance.

Physical therapy helps patients with musculoskeletal pain, injuries, and disorders. Physical therapists routinely help people with:

  • Pain and dysfunction from pain
  • Improving mobility and functional abilities
  • Restoring and enhancing strength, power, and endurance
  • Restoring balance, coordination, and agility

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What are the advantages of Occupational Therapy?


People of all ages can benefit from occupational therapy, ranging from children with disabilities in school to adults or older people needing help improving their physical function and cognitive health.

Our occupational therapists focus on each patient’s day-to-day functional needs by providing exercises and activities that enhance physical and mental health. For some, it’s relearning how to move; for others, it is about relearning to plan and process actions.

We put in a lot of effort to assist people in recovering from physical, mental, and cognitive processing injuries, illnesses, or disabilities.

Our OT plans at Maximum Rehabilitation Services include the following:

  • A one-on-one assessment to determine the patient’s objectives.
  • Interventions based on your daily tasks and activities.
  • A re-evaluation to determine whether or not objectives were met and, if necessary, to modify the treatment plan.

Occupational therapy addresses each need to help someone regain functioning skills and other elements of their well-being through activity. The primary goal of occupational therapy is to enable people to participate in everyday activities.

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You will feel better emotionally, physically, and mentally once you can easily engage in your hobbies and daily activities again. Maximum Rehabilitation Services is eager to help you improve your life’s quality, comfort, and functionality!

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