Industrial Rehab

At Maximum Rehabilitation Services, our Industrial Rehab programs offer highly specialized services that implement extensive physical and evaluative testing to determine the physical capabilities and limits of an employee who was injured at work.

Industrial Rehab is an effective way to measure strength, endurance, positional tolerance, and daily physical demands, in order to figure out the best methods of treatment for your needs. This also helps injured employees in determining the root of the injury and how additional damage can be prevented in the future. The data gathered is an objective way to define what the injured employee’s limits currently are, and how they can be improved upon so the injury can be prevented in the future.

Have you been injured at work? If so, our Industrial Rehab services can get you back on the job as quickly as possible! At Maximum Rehabilitation Services, we will also work with companies as a whole to ensure that any injured employee has the best opportunities of returning to work safely and as soon as possible. Contact us today to learn more!


What does Industrial Rehab do?

While Industrial Rehab has several benefits associated with it, the main focus is on helping injured employees heal and return to work. Additionally, it can also help in determining any liabilities for short-term or long-term disabilities that may have been sustained by the injured employee.

The tests and methods associated with Industrial Rehab help in determining the level of participation in physical demands that is appropriate for the patient, therefore reducing the probability of re-injury. It can also help in determining what areas of physical improvement the patient can work on, in order to make their workday more comfortable and efficient.

In addition to helping patients heal and understand their physical boundaries, Industrial Rehab can provide crucial information to the employer, as well. For example, Industrial Rehab can help an employer understand what safety standards should be set for employees, in order to reduce the risk of injury and workers’ compensation claims. Overall, by participating in Industrial Rehab we can help in making sure the workplace is a safe and pain-free environment for everyone.

How can I get started?

At our physical therapy clinics in Chicago, IL, Evergreen Park, IL, and Munster, IN, we are dedicated to preventing as many injuries as possible. If you are recovering from a work-related injury, you would benefit from participating in our Industrial Rehab program. We can help you recover as quickly as possible and understand your limits before returning to work.

Contact Maximum Rehabilitation Services today to schedule an appointment and see how we can help you return to work as soon and as comfortably as possible!

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