Fall Prevention


Do you have trouble keeping your balance?

A fall prevention program could help you!

Are you worried about getting hurt if you fall? Have you ever felt unsteady while walking or noticed feeling uncertain on stairs or stepping down a curb? Have you ever stumbled and had to grab a nearby railing or piece of furniture to catch yourself from falling? You may benefit from a fall prevention program at Maximum Rehabilitation Services in Chicago, IL, Evergreen Park, IL, or Munster, IN.

Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries in adults over 65. The good news is that you can reduce and even prevent most falls with proper guidance. Unfortunately, most people don’t think about working on their balance and gait until it is too late and they have already fallen.

Fall risks are a significant concern for seniors, and even without an injury, a fall can lead to a diminished ability to maintain an active and independent life. Fall often reduces a person’s confidence in activities in the home and community.

Exercise programs designed to prevent falls in older adults also prevent injuries caused by falls, including the most severe ones. Our physical therapist team provides you with tailored programs to meet your needs and abilities.

If you are concerned about falling, please contact Maximum Rehabilitation Services as soon as possible to learn more about our fall prevention programs.

Common fall risk factors

Some people are more prone to falling than others. Here are a few of the most common risk factors:

  • Muscle weakness or fatigue
  • Reduced physical fitness or overall poor health
  • Previous history of falls
  • Advanced age
  • Living a sedentary life
  • Diabetic neuropathies
  • Heart disease or history of a stroke or heart attack
  • Arthritis or artificial joint
  • Vertigo or dizziness
  • Neurological conditions (i.e., Parkinson’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer’s disease)
  • Problems with vision

Our programs address your specific needs so you can have confidence in your daily activities. Our Chicago, IL, Evergreen Park, IL, and Munster, IN physical therapist will review your medical history and conduct a comprehensive physical evaluation to identify any risk factors. They will then explain the steps needed to improve your function and reduce your chances of falling.

What should I anticipate from a Chicago, IL, Evergreen Park, IL, and Munster, IN fall prevention program?

Your initial evaluation at Maximum Rehabilitation Services will include a comprehensive assessment to assess your range of motion, strength, and overall mobility. In addition, we may also assess your vision, gait, balance, and coordination.

We’ll use the results of our tests to identify all the factors contributing to your risk of falling and implement treatments that address your impairments and reduce your fall risks. We will use research-supported programs when developing your personalized treatment plan for you.

Our fall prevention programs will include the following methods:

Strengthening exercises

Our physical therapists will design a strength training program to address your weaknesses. This program will focus on specific muscle groups that need to be strengthened to ensure your mobility and recovery in the event of a fall.

Research studies have repeatedly shown that strength training is a vital component of every fall prevention treatment and will also minimize the risk of serious injury in the event of a fall. Your therapist will design a program that will help you improve your standing and walking balance and your ability to recover from a fall.

Balance exercises

As part of your treatment plan, you may be required to perform specific balance-related exercises. Standing on one leg is a standard treatment that can serve as a test and treatment for an independent home program.

Your therapists will design your balance exercises based on your individual abilities. These exercises will address static and dynamic balance deficits to ensure you perform your normal daily activities safely.

Our team may include obstacles and distractions to heighten your reactions and capabilities in unfamiliar environments or circumstances. No matter your needs, our therapists can develop a program that addresses any limitation.

Pain management

Pain and injury can influence your stability and lead to unsteadiness on your feet. It is important to identify any factor affecting your balance and address it directly to minimize your risk of falling.

Our comprehensive evaluation will identify the root cause of your pain and develop a plan to alleviate or eliminate your pain. Our therapists will ensure your treatment plan addresses any pain you are experiencing as soon as possible.

Coordination training

Stimulating the nervous system through coordination training drills is an effective way to help reduce the risk of falling. Challenging your ability to perceive and react to changes in your environment can mean the difference between stumbling and maintaining stability.

Our physical therapists use cutting-edge strategies to ensure you maximize your physical potential so you can safely perform the activities you love without risking a fall!

Gait training

Every good fall prevention program will include gait activities. For some, this means how to properly use an assistive device like a walker or a cane. For others, this means using drills to simulate walking on uneven terrain.

Our therapists will assess your gait and overall mobility before designing any program. They will use the information gathered from the evaluation to develop a program that ensures your safety and challenges your abilities to maximize your capabilities.

Your physical therapist may instruct you to walk in a circle or complete an obstacle course to improve your balance. Regardless of our chosen activities, the goal will be to minimize your risk of falling.

Are you looking for ways to reduce your risk of falling?

Consider a Maximum Rehabilitation Services fall prevention program!

Our primary goal at Maximum Rehabilitation Services is to help you avoid falls and regain confidence in the activities you love. If you want to reduce your chances of sustaining a fall-related injury, make an appointment with our Chicago, IL, Evergreen Park, IL, or Munster, IN physical therapy clinic right away!

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