How To Prevent Overuse Injuries With Occupational therapy

How To Prevent Overuse Injuries With Occupational therapy

How To Prevent Overuse Injuries With Occupational therapy

Have you been dealing with an injury you can’t seem to get over? Have you heard you’re supposed to rest, but when you do, it appears to worsen your problem when you try to exercise again? At Maximum Rehabilitation Services, our occupational therapists are experts at getting to the root of your problem(s) and, more importantly, skilled at helping you resolve it once and for all!

Occupational therapists excel in understanding the type of injury and how to resolve it. Too often, the clues our body sends about an injury or a potential injury are overlooked until it is too late. Even then, people tend to ignore and push through pain, only to find themselves in an even worse predicament.

Trying to resolve all pain or injuries with the same treatment plan is likely the reason for the lack of improvement some people experience. Fortunately, our team at Maximum Rehabilitation Services can not only distinguish between the different types of injuries, but we can also guide you through an individualized program to achieve the best possible outcome!

Request an appointment today with one of our specialists, and let us help get to the root of your problem and get on the road to recovery sooner than later!

What is meant by overuse injuries?

The term “overuse injury” describes an injury caused by repeated microtrauma versus an acute injury caused by a specific or single event. Most overuse injuries are caused by repetitive activities or improper techniques repeated over an extended period.

Overuse injuries can be tricky to identify because there is little to no pain early on and because the traumas are so minor (aka microtraumas). Over time the tissues (i.e., muscle, tendon, bone, or ligaments) cannot repair themselves adequately and eventually are overloaded and become injured.

After exercise, sports participation, or work activities, our tissues normally undergo adaptation to strengthen and tolerate similar or more stress in the future. When this ability is disrupted, the tissue can’t adapt properly, or the repeated stress is too great for the tissue to handle, resulting in pain or an overuse injury.

Overuse injuries are often due to muscular imbalances after accelerated growth, poor techniques, excessive or limited flexibility, and excessive training/workload volume. Although it may seem like rest is all that is needed to resolve this type of problem, total rest or excessive rest can worsen the condition and make the tissue more susceptible to future injury.

Our occupational therapists at Maximum Rehabilitation Services will identify the factors related to your condition, help you resolve your pain, and correct any errors in your workstation or exercise plan. We will take a proactive approach by designing structured exercise programs, modifying your work environment and/or equipment, and using custom splints/braces to ensure you get the results you have been looking for and prevent any future episodes!

Simple steps to keep yourself safe and injury free

Your upper extremities are essential in almost everything you do at home or work. We often don’t realize how vulnerable we are to injury. It’s critical to be proactive when keeping yourself safe, and our team at Maximum Rehabilitation Services can help guide you through the most effective prevention strategies.

Here are a few suggestions that, when implemented, can help you lower your chances of injury.

  • Change your workstation setup: Ergonomic adjustments may include modifying your computer monitor’s position, seat height, and the location of your mouse and keyboard to fit your body. Our team will guide you through the steps to determine the right fit.
  • Make sure you are using equipment properly: When it comes to protecting yourself, one easy step we often overlook is making sure we are using the right tool for the job. Taking the time to identify the proper device(s) can mean the difference between finishing the job and pain or injury.
  • Change your position frequently: Prolonged postures often lead to improper technique or faulty movements that cause pain or injury. Taking breaks from work or exercises and stretching or moving around to help us readjust and find proper technique. Repetitive stress-type injuries are common when we use inappropriate methods.
  • Use proper technique: Whether you are working or playing a sport, we often use an improper form with an activity that makes us more susceptible to pain and repetitive-type injuries.

If you’re unsure what to do for your specific situation, consulting with one of our occupational therapists at Maximum Rehabilitation Services is an excellent way to get started.

We can prescribe you a personalized program that will recommend necessary adjustments and modifications to your work environment or the tools you use to reduce and prevent further pain and injury. Once your therapists have created a safer work environment, your chances of sustaining a repetitive stress injury are much lower.

Our results-oriented programs include targeted manual techniques, mobility work, strengthening, and appropriate pain relief techniques. In some circumstances, we recommend specialized devices or equipment modifications (such as splints or wrist supports) to make your daily tasks more comfortable.

No matter what you are dealing with, our therapists can help find solutions to ensure you are pain and injury free!

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At Maximum Rehabilitation Services, our highly trained occupational therapists can guide you to resolve your pain, improve your work environment’s ergonomics, and monitor your exercises to ensure you stay injury-free!

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