5 Physical Therapy Exercises To Ensure A Good Sports Season

5 Physical Therapy Exercises To Ensure A Good Sports Season

5 Physical Therapy Exercises To Ensure A Good Sports Season

Have you been dealing with an injury and want to get back in shape before your sports season starts? Are you frustrated with the lack of results from your training? You may benefit from a strength training program tailored to your performance goals.

At Maximum Rehabilitation Services our physical therapists are up to date on the most advanced workout strategies to rehab an injury and enhance your athletic abilities. We are experts in using strength and conditioning exercises to address your weaknesses and mobility restrictions that may be standing in your way.

Strength training is one of the most effective strategies to protect you from pain and injury and help enhance your overall sports performance. The evidence behind the benefits of strength training has grown in recent years and is now part of every athlete’s pre-season training program. Strength training improves your ability on and off the field/court.

At Maximum Rehabilitation Services, our physical therapists go above and beyond traditional physical therapy strategies to help our patients. Our therapists have continued to educate themselves and utilize strength and conditioning strategies to help our patients achieve the best results possible!

If you are looking for a proven strategy for managing a physical ailment and enhancing sports performance, request an appointment to have an assessment with one of our specialists!

The benefits of strength exercises for athletes

The body’s muscles help you to move effectively while playing sports. They also help to reduce your risk of injury and support your recovery after an injury. The bottom line, a stronger you means a healthier you.

Strength training helps athletes build muscle, reduce pain, and improve mobility and overall performance while competing. Our physical therapists use strengthening to help you recover after an injury or any underlying conditions that may be causing pain.

Exercise has been shown in the research to help relieve joint or muscle pain. Strength training is also effective for helping athletes improve their balance and coordination and helping to prevent injuries and is an integral part of our Maximum Rehabilitation Services physical therapy treatments.

Our therapists will conduct a thorough evaluation and design safe and effective exercise programs to help you get back to your optimum physical performance.

What are the most effective physical therapy exercises for athletes?

At Maximum Rehabilitation Services, our therapists utilize science-based exercise programs to help athletes and enhance athletic abilities. Our physical therapists are experts in working with people of all ages and skills and implementing strength and conditioning in the entire spectrum of care, from prevention to rehabilitation to maximizing physical performance.

Solid evidence has shown that strength training helps reduce the risk of serious injury while improving performance in sports competitions. Our physical therapists will create the most effective strength and condition training programs using these five types of exercises:

  1. Push: These exercises are designed to build power and include push-ups, bench presses, and overhead press-type exercises.
  2. Pull: Exercises emphasizing pulling movements include pull-ups, chin-ups, bent-over rows, and upright rows.
  3. Squats: Squatting is a highly effective way to strengthen the whole body and includes goblet squats, back squats, and front squats.
  4. Hinges: Another effective exercise considered a complex movement that strengthens the whole body is hinge-type exercises. The most common include single-leg deadlifts, deadlifts, and kettlebell swings.
  5. Weighted carries: Various ways to build your core strength, and weighted carries are particularly effective for athletes. The most common weighted carries include suitcases and farmer’s carries.

Our strength exercises at Maximum Rehabilitation Services are designed to address the individual’s current fitness and fatigue levels to avoid excessive exertion and potential regression or injury. We will work with you to ensure you use proper form and understand how to progress the intensity of your training.

What to expect at your Maximum Rehabilitation Services physical therapy sessions

Our physical therapists will start with an injury evaluation and a comprehensive assessment to identify any factors contributing to your pain and/or injuries. This will consist of a thorough history to understand your current physical abilities and goals for the upcoming sports season.

Initially, our therapy will focus on alleviating pain and restoring motion. Our programs include targeted manual techniques, mobility work, and other pain-relieving treatments our therapists deem appropriate.

Our therapists will consider your current fitness and fatigue levels and your injuries’ acute or chronic nature to identify the appropriate program. We strive to ensure you achieve maximum results with your sports training, strength, and conditioning, nutrition, hydration, and sleep to ensure optimal results.

As you improve, your physical therapist will incorporate a sport-specific “return to sport” progression to assist you in a safe return to training and competition. We will work with you to develop a program that emphasizes strength exercises to minimize your risk of future injuries while keeping you competing in the sports you love playing!

Request an appointment today!

At Maximum Rehabilitation Services our therapists believe strength and conditioning is an effective way to prevent injury, enhance recovery during rehabilitation, and maximize athletic capabilities. You can trust that we understand what it takes to achieve your desired results.

Call today to schedule an appointment with one of our specialists to help design an exercise program that works for you!


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